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Soft furnishings are delicate creatures, and you can ruin them by trying to clean carpets and upholstery with domestic cleaning apparatus and chemicals. Don't risk ruining the star items in your home. Call us in for expert fabric cleaning. Based in Bodmin, will cover East Cornwall, North and the South Coasts.

Make your home a dust and dirt free paradise with our fabric cleaning services. Call us on

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We can clean the following:

There's no need to risk ruining your delicate fabrics when you can call on us to perform our expert fabric cleaning service for the Bodmin and Cornwall area. We will handle your fabrics with the utmost care, ensuring that they are expertly cleaned without causing any damage.

Don't risk your delicate fabrics

Curtains and other soft furnishings are often too large or unyielding to be cleaned using a domestic washing machine, while supermarket cleaners will simply mask dirt and smells. Our state of the art equipment and fabric cleaning techniques ensures deep cleans and perfect results.

Domestic cleaning products and machines can't cope

Fabric cleaning for those unmanageable soft furnishings

Long patterned cushions