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There are few things worse than settling down on the sofa for an evening of relaxation only to be assailed by the stale smell of unwashed fabric, or worse! When upholstery becomes dirty, it not only smells pretty awful, but looks terrible too. Create a better impression and have your sofa revitalised with our professional upholstery cleaning.

Renew and refresh your sofa with our upholstery cleaning service in East Cornwall, North and the South Coasts. Call us Ttoday on

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01208 221 481

  • Expertly removes dirt, dust and hairs

  • Can be carried out on all upholstered furniture

  • Offers stain treatment and protection

  • Uses a professional hot water extraction system

Our upholstery cleaning service

We use specialist equipment in our upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. Our cold water extraction system performs a deep clean, removing embedded dirt and grime to leave your upholstery clean and looking great. Call us today for a quotation on 01208 221 481.

State of the art equipment

We understand that your sofa and other upholstered furniture can't be out of action for long, which is why we ensure that we clean your upholstery efficiently and in as fast a turnaround time as possible.

Our quick and reliable service in East Cornwall, North and the South Coasts

Professional upholstery cleaning

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